pure and simple

My previous post on Rick Owens reminded me of an editorial with Maggie Rizer I loved in US Vogue when I was a teenager. It's the basis of my love of simple things. I remember tearing the pages out and keeping them, but I lost the pages during a move, to my fashion heartbreak.

In a fit of enthusiasm, I went digging about in TFS' Maggie Rizer thread, and SCORE, I found them.


I think there are a couple of pages missing (I remember one of Maggie in an Ann Demeulemeester dress, standing on a rock in flat sandals) and I wish I could find the name of the photographer, or even whuch issue this appeared in. Anyone knows?

For now, I'm just pleased that I found them all. Aren't they utterly timeless?

Pictures from tfs


This is excellent! I like the simplicity of the 2nd one.

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