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I tore this out of a copy of British Vogue five years ago, thinking: "this is a pretty excellent summary of all you need in your closet".


Five years on, I'm struck by how true it is. Nothing on these pages date, and nothing about them is boring either. Not to me anyway.

I enjoy looking at this list from time to time - it's interesting that it always seems to offer a solution, and I appreciate how it offers a range of price levels. I pretty much still want everything on the first page. Actually, I have almost every suggestion on that page.

I suppose at this stage, when you have your basics covered, it's time to move to the next hierachy of needs. What are the special pieces, the extra touches you bring in to express yourself a little more richly through everyday dress?

I'm very much a basics girl, and basics for me aren't so much the foundations as they are essentially, my entire look. But even I sometimes feel a vague yearning for the odd special effect.


I enjoy features like this, in another five years these pieces will be just as relevant. I noticed the cape cod watch is featured if that adds points in its favor. ;) Though I think the viviana or the bone cuff are more striking.

The majority of my wardrobe are basics, but lately I've been going for the special effects.
Ammu said…
Lovely post - I think my special effects are either pieces of jewelry, the odd statement high heel, or embellished/textured clothing (a beaded scarf or a metallic jacket/skirt like the one I got at Burgundy).
I also have this feature tore up and saved in my inspiration folder and like you keep coming back to it often. Amazing how un-dated the whole selection feels.
lin said…
Pret a Porter: The watch is the icing on the cake :) But actually I admit it was the inclusion of the Swatch that got me more, because I used to wear that as a student, until mine broke.

Ammu: I guess special pieces are the ones that take you by surprise by how very unexpected but also very right they are.

Le Club Du Style: I love that there are things in this world that don't date.
Fashion Tidbits said…
love that Lanvin LBD!!!
Rachel said…
Love this post! I stole it for my tumblr:

I'm really enjoying your blog. It is nice to read about someone in a warm & humid climate like mine (American South.) Thanks.

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