so chic, it hurts

Lots of great pictures (and comments) up on The Sartorialist recently, and one post in particular lingered in my head long after I turned off the computer. I can't link directly to the post, so here are the pictures -

And this is what the Sart said -

"People often leave comments saying something like "this look isn't new or directional". Looking "new" or "directional" is of very little importance to most of us. I don't think I would ever describe Darcy as "directional" and yet I know a lot of women that would love to have the kind of quiet chic that she embodies."

I completely agree. I admire the directional on people, but this is the sort of elegance with attitude (ripping off the Longines adverts here) I can only hope to have.

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enc said…
Some thrive on "newness." It isn't necessary. That's a great classic look.

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