go for gold

What to wear to attend an upcoming wedding, asked a friend on this dreary Friday afternoon, when time crawled at a glacial pace.

I looked at the gloom outside my window. Something gold, I replied, thinking of this lovely piece from J. Crew -

J. Crew, as it turned out, is a dab hand at turning out gold skirts, I spotted two others I liked, but the above is still my favourite. So festive and understated at the same time. And reduced from US$198 to US$89. Unfortunately, they don't ship to Singapore.

J. Crew is rather expensive though, are they worth their price tags? I admire Jenna Lyon's vision for the label, but I've always been curious as to whether the products are up to the hype.

A footnote: I don't wear jewellery but I've always been attracted to gold link bracelets, and this one (from J. Crew, Midas touch, these people), is very very nice -

I am astounded that I threw up three posts today (at work, no less!) this is how mind-numbingly dull my day has been.
Still, a golden shower is a good way to close the week, and start the weekend.
Images from j crew


enc said…
Some of the stuff is worth it, and some isn't. I bet you could find something beautiful in gold right where you are.
-h said…
I have a blazer from J.Crew, that I still get compliments on every time I wear even though it's a a couple of years old. I don't get in there to shop regularly, but they do such nice jackets.
-h said…
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fashionaddict said…
enc: I find that skirt quite a good candidate for DIY actually, if I am serious about having something like it. I think my mum should be able to approximate a pattern for me, and I've seen fabric like that in shops.

I should finish the unfinished project I have on hand now though...

-h: Oh yes, the last time I oogled from J. Crew was a naxy tuxedo jacket. Oh well, maybe some day they'll show up on my shores.

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