prepping for the weekend

Themes are working out so well for me this week, inspiration-speaking.

This morning, I saw these photographs by Elliot Erwitt for Tod's on Habitually Chic, and thought, "Wow, Tod's is doing that 'don't you totally want this lifestyle' thing so well."

It's like Planet Preppy by Ralph Lauren, but better. I think of it as Euro-prep, if that makes any sense. The pictures take it further nicely from the s/s '10 ad campaign -

Just days before, I pre-ordered this online as a birthday gift for a friend -
It's a series of photographs by T. Hayashida documenting preppy style at Ivy League colleges in the US in the late sixties, and I love how the styles have transcended time. A Continuous Lean has some nice scans here. I'm so glad the book has been re-issued. It can be ordered from here and here.
So that's another nice dove-tailing of sartorial bits and pieces for the week. A related post to follow.
Pictures by elliot erwitt from habitually chic; pictures of campaign from tfs; take ivy cover from a continuous lean


-h said…
I've admired Tod's quiet luxury too. I'm wary of making that leap though, because I've heard that once the nubs on their drivers wear down, that's pretty much it! Also South Americans really do this look well too.
fashionaddict said…
I'd feel wary too, haha. Although we get what we pay for, I'd always thought that there's an upper limit to comfort and durability for shoes no matter how high the prices get. Probably because shoes really go through the grind, unless you have 200 pairs of them.

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