classic is the new fierce

I like Jak & Jil's "3-V" features. It's visually, a very punchy way of giving you a sense of a person's look. Tommy Ton is in a league of his own when it comes to a "street style" blog - he has a clear sense of what he wants you to see and his own language to present that.
But anyway, what I was thinking today as I randomly clicked around the archives was actually how it's fun it is to chart what people were wearing year ago or two.
I find the classic style (which I love so much more) are so much more frequently found these days, compared to the "fierce" thing that was everywhere, which goes to show how even "classic" style can be "trendy".
It's like Celine took over the streets and all the Givenchy/Balmain archetypes are taking a break. I'm so relieved to finally see shoes I can identify with.
Pictures from jak & jil


-h said…
Hmm interesting point. I think Emmanuelle Alt who is the embodiment of Balmain is good at fusing the two styles.
fashionaddict said…
I do like how Emmanuelle Alt seems 100% comfortable with her look, and how she picks out one or two trendy elements to keep things interesting, but still quite classic "her". Her name is practically synonymous with Balmain but I think she's above that.

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