let it stay a rumour

This is wonderful -

Digression, but she looks wonderful in it -

And someone who makes clothes that look this good on people shouldn't have rumours about his status at Yves Saint Laurent swirling around him. I hope this isn't true. I've always hoped I would one day make enough to buy something Stefano Pilati designed for YSL.

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-h said…
YSL has not been profitable for quite some time. Though it seems under Pilati the shoes and bags have become quite popular (which I guess is standard for most luxury brands). I always saw Pilati's vision at YSL very dark, always a lot of BLACK, black, black clothes. A bit dreary...
His first collection, right after Tom Ford, was so energetic and colorful. I'd love to have the suede tasseled loafers from that collection.
How about Dries Van Noten take the helm? I'm not too big a follower of him, but from what I've seen he works well with pattern and color and women and critics sing his praises.
fashionaddict said…
I like what he does, though I understand what you mean by dreary. He has a way of redefining silhouettes in an appealing, wearable way.

I love Dries Van Noten, but I got the feeling from interviews with him that he probably doesn't want to be anyone other than Dries Van Noten designing Dries Van Noten.

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