spanish influence

I went poking around in the shops today (I had no choice! I was kept out of my house by dust and noise from some ongoing repair work!), and saw this skirt at Mango. Something in my brain clicked and whirred, and a few things I saw in Spain last year popped into my head -

Naturally, I tried it on. It fit beautifully, though I suspect the heavy fabric will feel oppressive on a warm day (and there aren't any other kind here).

The heft, the feel of the embroidery as I ran my hand over the skirt, not to mention the happy memories it conjured made this quite a buy worth considering.

Of course, the fact that Mango is a Spanish label and I just spent part of the morning admiring the style of Spaniards here made it all seem like some kind of magic is at work, conspiring to bring me to this very moment of "to buy or not buy". I'm obviously in the mood to spot signs.

On a related note, I enjoy the feeling of shopping without buying, the luxury of thinking things through. I used to resent the feeling of denying myself, but now that it comes naturally - thanks to the ban - it's fun to mull over things, and it makes the actual moment of purchase more joyous.


-h said…
amazing connection. The skirt does look beautiful.
Ammu said…
Gorgeous skirt - I know what you mean about enjoying shopping without buying though. I think I am getting there - there is a joy to appreciating a work of beauty without feeling the need to own it.

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