"shut the door. have a seat."

(The following is pointless if you do not watch, nor care for, "Mad Men".)

How much do I love "Mad Men"? Enough to while away the boring moments at work re-watching the excellent season three finale, and reading fan commentary.

The best bits had to be the lines and exchanges, especially those with Roger Sterling (played by John Slattery) in them:

Roger: Lane, we've worked next to each other for a year. Don?t act like a stranger. We got tea.

Harry: Are you kidding?
Roger: Yes, yes we are. Happy Birthday.
Bert: Harry...if you elect to be a mid-level cog at McCann Ericson, we'll have to lock you in the storeroom until morning.

Roger: They still have Kennedy's picture up. Although what are they going to do - take it down and put up Lyndon Johnson?

Roger (to Peggy): Can you get me some coffee?
Peggy: No.

Roger: You going to read us your will? I want the Cadillac.

God, I miss them already. Bring on season four!

Oh, the other best bit, as ever, is looking at Jon Hamm. Yes, just looking.

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A├»ssa said…
Save the date: July 25th is the season 4 premiere!
fashionaddict said…
The latest seasons aren't available that soon where I live; I rely on buying the DVD, boo. I'm holding my breath til then!

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