black and blue

I am curious about the origins of the rule against wearing black and blue together, and a search on the Internet yielded no quick answers. I don't think much of it but how did it come about?


-h said…
who knows who made up all these rules! I think it's more about making sure the shades aren't close together. Black and blue together is one of my favorites. As always you have the best collection of trousers.
Ammu said…
Love navy and black together - that rule is SO stupid.
fashionaddict said…
-h: Thanks, but really, I just own two or three good pairs to wear to death.

I didn't even know the "rule" existed until pretty recently. I'm always curious about origins of rules, haha.

Ammu: I agree, though ever since then I've keeping noticing the combination...perhaps one day I will spot an example of why it doesn't work.

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