when bad things happen to good clothes

I flinch whenever I see shipping costs (to sunny Singapore) added to the checkout tally at online retailers I like to browse always hit me hard - it's usually arund US$30-40 and sometimes, that's about half of the cost of the item I was interested in. So I perked up quite a bit when I heard that Shopbop, which I had never checked out before, offers FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING.

I clicked on for a browse, and while I was thrilled that they carry some of the brands I liked from sites like La Garconne, I was quite grossed out by some of the styling and models' posing. The hidden cost of FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING, it seems, is making perfectly decent clothing look bad,

Is it really so hard to not do something like this -

I'm almost embarrassed to have these pictures on my blog. On the other hand, I do really like this Rag & Bone/JEAN shirt and have keeping an eye out for ever since dear Daria modelled it in the pages of US Vogue (See GOOD styling here). And FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. Very worthy of consideration, crappy-ass styling aside. Especially since the Rag & Bone selection is small in Singapore.

I tried to put aside my snobbery about the visual content of the site, and ploughed on. This Rag & Bone dress has been reduced to US$180+, and I love the dramatic simplicity.

This Helmut Lang shirt is also on sale, and I love the dolman sleeves though it usually doesn't work for me. But I'm tempted to try.

I've always wanted to try a Nili Lotan shirt (why do they insist it's a shirtdress if it's so blatantly a stretch to call it that) -

Yummy Tory Burch flats, and cheaper to buy here than in Singapore, especially with FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING.

In the end, I didn't buy anything since I am still more or less on my six-month shopping ban, but it was fun while it lasted, until looking at good clothes ruined by bad styling became too dispiriting. Still whenever the costly shipping at La Garconne gets me down, I know of an alternative.

Images from shopbop


Anonymous said…
ha ha ha, "they have no pants!" so says a very wise 7 year old that i live with.
dolman sleeves never work on me either!
-h said…
I don't think shopbop is as bad as how revolve clothing used to be (i think). They carry a vast selection of brands, have very good shipping, but some of their model shots were a bit cheesy. I like that Nili piece.
Ammu said…
Love the Helmut Lang shirt - does shopbop include customs charges in their prices? Free international shipping is SO tempting!
Silje said…
wow! Free international shipping that is really great...

I could really see you in that Helmut Lang shirt, I really like it.

I never visit the site because of the terrible styling (if you could call it that) it's almost a principle for me.
fashionaddict said…
up and down town: don't think it could be put anymore succinctly than that.

-h: cheesy is a good one, i'm sill cringing at the expression and pose of the model in the rag and bone shirt. but i agree that despite my horror, i should have mentioned that the selection is indeed quite good, and free international shipping in 3 days is really rare and quite something.

Ammu: Nope customs not included, but that's not an issue (for me at least) if I don't buy something above a certain price tag...

Silje: I'm still cringing that I have those pictures on my blog. I should have out them after a jump.

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