gone shopping

(This is basically going to be rambly, and quite without a point...)

One free afternoon, before I caught "How to Train a Dragon" (turned out to be excellent, gorgeous animation, familiar but still sweet plot, funny), I went shopping with a friend, and I mean shopping in the sense that we actually tried things in many shops.

I haven't properly done that in a while, and it was fun to simply try things just to see what they look like on me. There weren't that many things I wanted to bother with trying though. But there were a few almost-theres.

I was quite unwilling to take off this Topshop Maternity dress - navy, drape-y, light, loose = my kind of thing.

The lining at the neckline however was quite terribly done and kept threatening to flip out (not helped by the price tag dragging on it), which annoyed me - Topshop things are always just slightly off. But I was still supremely tempted by the T-shirt-like comfort level of the dress.

I had Lanvin fantasies when I tried on this dress at Massimo Dutti -

But it fell a little shorter than what I would have preferred. I would like a good and proper kneelength cocktail dress. But there is plenty to like about this dress - the washed, somewhat worn-looking silk, good lining, the pleating, the sparkly ribbon belt, and I love the V-back -

(Note: that is not a case of untamed back hair, that's my tattoo.)

So after like, three hours of shopping, a serious contender emerged. I typically find that dolman sleeves don't work on me, but the ultra soft fabric and the pretty nude-pink of this pullover made me give it a go anyway.

And surprise surprise, I looked neither frumpy nor ape-like and I didn't feel like I couldn't raise my arms. It falls exactly like a cashmere sweater I loved madly but didn't buy because cashmere in the tropics is impractical and frivolous. This is perfect with anything in my wardrobe and the sort of practical but pretty thing I'll long to wear every day.

Definitely a strong contender for buying. That makes two items on my shopping list now - this top, plus a pair of loafers. Incidentally, both are from Massimo Dutti, and my love for the brand is starting to border on ridiculous...


pilbaraface said…
I really enjoy your blog, and in particular, the way you are so committed to your aesthetic. If I had all those shops available to me, I'm not sure I'd be able to resist buying random trendy crap.
-h said…
I still like the draped topshop dress. The last sweater looks good too, but I know what you mean about cashmere & tropical climates...
the top - such a nice color for your wardrobe.

the second dress, that belt is sparkly and i always like to look at sparkly.
fashionaddict said…
pilbaraface: Thanks!It's an eternal struggle.

-h: I like that dress too. Another thing stopping me from buying it is that I don't see myself getting that much wear out of it, it's a silk material that feels a bit fancy for me.

up and down town: Yes, my clothes would all look a little fresher with the injection of some colour, but one I think of as very "me" enough.

Maybe I should look out for a sparkly belt :)

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