i didn't think anyone would notice

Taking a taxi to work the other day (the company pays when I do the graveyard hours), I happened to get the same driver for two days in a row this week - his usual loop apparently always takes him to my area around the same time each day. Turning to me this morning, he said, "I recognised you from afar."

I said, "Really? Why is that?"

He said: "Oh you wear black and white every day. Is it a uniform?" (He picked me up once last week too.)

Mental scroll-through of my outfits over the past week:

Monday: White linen pullover, belted peg leg trousers

Tuesday: White floaty blouse, slouchy black trousers

Wednesday: White shirt, black skinny cropped trousers

He was right. Save one, all my trousers are black. Most of my tops are white. I've evidently been walking around in outfits that could have me mistaken for a waitress without realising it.

I trawled deeper into my sartorial memory and recalled two of my outfits last week:

-White (obviously) ruffled sleeveless blouse and black slouchy trousers

- White shirt with attached scarf and black skinny cropped trousers

Looks like I've found my jeans and t-shirt substitute for the workplace. Taxi drivers are so much more observant than I gave them credit for.

Anyway, I snapped a photo of my outfit in the office lift with a borrowed camera, for illustrative purposes.


-h said…
Cute story! I also like the written descriptions of each outfit. They sound so good. The belt is such a nice touch in the outfit you're wearing now.

I think you may have helped tip the scales to justify me buying yet ANOTHER pair of black trousers. In my defense I do want to replace one.
Ammu said…
Ha! That's fantastic - monochrome is so chic.
fashionaddict said…
-h: I always feel like I need a spare pair in case mine are due for retirement and there are no good replacements....if an excellent pair comes along, it's always worth serious consideration!

Ammu: I hope the driver (and anyone who notices) feels the same way!

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