scarf-shrug thing

The scarf is actually worn like a shrug, so it's perfect for people like me who can't keep scarfs in place unless it's wound around my neck, and it's way too hot for me to do that here. What a genius invention.


M. said…
love your blog. and yes, i've become a fan in the several hours i have devoted to reading it. if you have a counter, you'll see that i'm already in your early 2007 posts. i like how you gravitate towards timeless style (imo). also, i admire how you want to be able to use your outfits over and over, but style them differently each time. this is what i am aiming to master. that is, one step at a time. thanks for the inspirational blog! i will continue to read and be inspired by it.
M. said…
on another note, i can't recall which post says where you purchased that top. is it a top, vest-like top? is it from topshop? anyway, it's lovely and fits you perfectly. i'm not sure whether it's available in my country though..
fashionaddict said…
Hi, I actually don't know if people read my blog much, because I don't keep track in anyway. Thanks so much for the comments, glad you enjoy the blog.

The scarf-like thing is actually a shrug (I wore it over a tank) and I bought from CK Calvin Klein at some clearance sale, think it's from many seasons past.

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