queen ann

After I gushed about her latest collection, I felt inspired to see if I could hunt down the Vogue article that kickstarted my fascination with Ann Demeulemeester's work.

It wasn't much of a hunt - all I did was type "ann demeulemeester vogue 1997'" into Google, and there it was. Turned out that the Ann Demeulemeester website keeps an archive of her interviews. The dress in the picture fourth from the top was the clincher.

I can't believe I found it. (It brings me back to age 13, when Kate Betts still wrote for US Vogue!) And while I wouldn't call her the next Armani, it's so gratifying to see that the same pieces I loved 12 years ago still captivate me, and that Ms Demeulemeester is still going strong. Click on the scans to read the interview.

Images from anndemeulemeester.be


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