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I blah-ed on about buying my dream Mulberry Bayswater here. And I did it. I also surprised myself by not buying the tan one as I'd always envisioned, but a less "classic" one in shiny dark bronze.

Part of it was because of this shot (on The Sartorialist) -

Not quite the same shade, but she took away the scariness of something this shiny. I loved this bag for its simplicity and functionality in spite of its blatant, attention-grabbing sheen. I thought about it and pictured it with my clothes and how it would in the different settings of my life, and it worked for me. I don't intend for it to look pristine forever, and can't wait to have it age with me.

In the end, my mum and I also bought the tan one for my older sister's grand 30th birthday present, splitting the cost between us. I have now exceeded my monthly shopping budget by about 20 times, which means I should really lay off the shopping for a while. Upside: we can trade bags!

I was in two minds about slapping a shopping ban on myself. I dislike the idea because I like to think that I possess enough self-control to not have to actively set stressful rules on myself. So I thought about it and decided that yes, I think my wardrobe is sufficiently stocked with useful and nice things, and if I were to buy anything, it would be because -

a) it's a seriously nice "upgrade" which will replace something I can then retire for good

b) it's necessary, as in underpinnings, socks, running shoes, maybe gloves and thermals, luggage

These are by and large, my usual principles for shopping, but since I've just parted ways with a significant amount of money, I think I should stick by them more closely (in moments of laxness, I have purchased the odd frivolity).

After all, pay cuts start next month.

Images from gorsuch and the sartorialist


k said…
It's gorgeous and you deserve it!! :)
fashionaddict said…
-h said…
i just talked my friend into finally getting a bayswater. it's a timeless bag.
sorry about the paycuts. :/

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