So after the brief deviation into colour with that Dries coat, I'm back to my colour-averse ways. I LOVE the new Ann Demeulemeester collection. No surprise there, since she has been my one of my favourite designers ever I discovered her work at age 13. It's all basically variations of a theme, and I find it utterly timeless and distinct.

This collection fits particularly well with my mood, as I just caught "The Tudors" on television, I watched "The Lord of The Rings: The Return of the King" last week, and I'm also feeling particularly combatative at the moment. I want to wear this stuff, leap onto horse and ride into the battle, and I'm pretty sure I'll win.

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M. said…
At thirteen I was all over the fairy-like look of John Galliano. I was crazy about those flimsy lace gowns which are unwearable. It all looked very enchanting and artistic to me - the minutest details.
I believe Ann D for a 13 y/o is very mature. Well, you started very young with personal style I believe? I was browsing through your oldest posts and was in awe at your timeless picks as well as personal items (bags,dresses). I would love to acquire that level of taste in clothing. Sometimes I return to being a magpie and think of wearing those colorful,sequined (but super trendy it's bad) items from Topshop. It scares me. So again, must-focus.
Thanks for dropping by my blog.
fashionaddict said…
No problem. Ann D was big at the time, so I guess it wasn't hard to catch my eye. I wished I kept that picture in Vogue where I first laid eyes on an ANN D piece. I still remember it vividly.

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