Starting Monday on a demure note. I always feel dressier in skirts.


Betta said…
Hullo fashionaddict,

How are you? Always enjoying your posts.

Trying to find a way to send you a quiet email.

Was wondering if you could be persuaded to guest write a post on fashion + art on a new blog I have started called ARTERI:

It's a site focusing on contemporary art in Malaysia and South East Asia, but we want to make it as wide ranging and fun as possible.

I love your posts, with their quiet tone and enthusiastic loves... maybe a post about tattoos? the intersection between art and fashion?

Just a shot in the dark. I don't even know your name! But I'm a fan.

Anyway, visit the site if you have some time and let me know what you think. arteri.malaysia AT gmail DOT com.


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