finally, maybe?

I know Liz Claiborne doesn't send shivers of excitement down anyone's spine, unless you are old enough to remember the heydays when Ms Claiborne herself made stuff working women loved in the 70s', or the not-so-heydays where they made floral capris and mumsy tops for a woman of a certain age. But this is good stuff!

I liked the look of the ads I saw in a magazine, and was charmed enough to checkout the website. And I'm not disappointed. I'm still not sure if I am entranced enough to go into a shop to actually try on these things, but I think Isaac Mizrahi is doing what he does really well, which is making well-designed, accessible. cheerfully chic fashion.

I'm sure the styling helping to make all the difference and it might not look as inspiring in the shops, but I don't think one sees stuff like that from mass market labels that traditionally target an older market. The website is nicely done too - each item has Mr Mizrahi's chirpy commentary, which is a nice touch; the items are photographed nicely; the navigation is a breeze. There's an adorable video of the clothes worn by a full spectrum of women - young, old, tall, petite, full-figured, skinny, black, white, Asian, like, you know, people.

This has collection stuff my mum would love and I see myself borrowing. I do hope that this is the start of a long fab stint by Mr Mizrahi.

**edit - found video on youtube!

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