monday. aargh.

Just thought I'd spend some time gushing about these shoes -

I am not a shoe person - I swear by a fleet of ballet-ish flats, flip flops, and a few pairs of sneakers, and I never build an outfit around a pair of shoes. When I bought a pair of flat gladiator sandals, it was a milestone in my shoe history. So these shoes are considered quite radical in style for me, and they're remarkably versatile - they're "basic" even though they didn't strike me like that at first. But they've become something I find myself reaching for because they go with everything, they jazz up an outfit without becoming the outfit, and they're really comfortable. Had I know that I would wear them that often, I would have bought a second pair (they're from Bangkok) to stock up (which is what I do when I find a comfortable pair of shoes).


Anonymous said…
See please here
enc said…
I can see what you mean. They look like they'd go with so many things, and they're very cool.

Is that your new bespoke shirt?
k said…
I like them...what an interesting style. Are the shoelaces silver?
fashionaddict said…
enc - yes it's that shirt. Calling it bespoked makes it sound much posher than it actually is, haha.

k - yep, the laces are silver.
K.Line said…
Those shoes are awesome. K

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