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I'm slightly delirious from looking through the Dries Van Noten spring collection. Or maybe the smell of gardenias from yesterday is still running through my veins. The outfit above just says it all for me.

I love looking at collections full of clothes I'd wear, but I get just as much satisfaction from looking at collections that evoke the right mood or rush of emotions, even though the actual items of clothing aren't amazing. This is one of those collections that's more effective for me viewed, erm, collectively. Lovely as the pieces are individually, it's not as quite breathtaking as viewing it as a parade of clothes conveying an idea.

The best for me, are the details -

dries colb
dries cola

I adore the icy pale tones; the feeling of streets still wet from rain sparkling in sunlight, light catching in drops of water on flower petals. It's literally a deep whiff of good, clean, fresh air. The clothes are structured but breezy. They dress you up but don't hold you back. This isn't quite as earth-shaking as some of his previous collections were for me (spring 2009 was seminal) but although I don't want these clothes as badly, I feel energised just looking at the collection.

And I love the words of Hamish Bowles. So much of fashion is about looking but he makes it a pleasure to read about it - his review on is a little piece of runway reporting joy.


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Anonymous said…
Wow, the way you collaged those details is awesome. Are you a graphic designer?
Mrs. T said…
Just found your blog and am quite delighted with your excellent commentary on what some might consider "dull" collections. LOVE your thoughts :)
lin said…
Anon: Nope I'm not. The detail shots themselves are actually from, I just put them together using photoshop, arranging them the best I can to show the collection to its best :) Thanks for so kindly of them!

Mrs T: Hello! I'm always gratified to hear from people who wander in here, not to mention people who enjoy the same "dull " as I do.

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