a token

It's my older sister's birthday tomorrow, and I couldn't seem to quite find the right thing for her present. So we plan to celebrate as a family with a meal she won't forget (I hope). I had given up on getting her anything at this point when I saw this bracelet. It seemed like the perfect little gesture of affection when you want to give someone something to make the day feel a little more special.

The mix of stones and beads are an unusual choice for her but the pretty taupe, brass and cream colours are perfectly part of her colour vocabulary. I love the mix of textures and materials. It seems like a piece of jewellery designed with a lot more thought than you'd expect for S$39.90.

I bought at...Massimo Dutti. I'm mildly disturbed by how much I shop there. But can I help it that I always seem to find things that work for me, even gifts?


Ammu said…
Having been there with you, I can see why - it's not a shop for everyone, but it speaks to me too, that casual-preppy, old is new aesthetic. Hope your sister likes the gift!
It's very charming.
Anonymous said…
i thought it was Marni:)))

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