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So, the dress again. I spent about 20 minutes just looking at myself, thank goodness the fitting room was empty. I was trying to decide if the colour would grow on me, and I am still undecided. I love the fit though.

Nope, didn't buy it, but I was very close. But I was hesitating too much: not a good sign.

Anyway, this is what I wore to work today. This denim skirt is exactly how I want all kneelength skirts to fit.


The fit on the dress is amazing! Ask your sister's opinion about whether or not the color works.
Nice work outfit too.
Aïssa said…
I like the dress a lot, the cut is very flattering. But I'd hesitate about the color too. Maybe with some golden accessories to bring it up.
Your work outfit is very cool and put together!
If Jane said…
super what you wore to work...
i love the dress and i think the colour is quite flattering...what does your heart tell you?
Alex said…
that blazer is perfect =)
lin said…
Thanks for all the imput and kind comments - I'm going to wait a couple of weeks and see if I still want the dress.

I want it, but also don't want more stuff, if that makes sense.
the wonderful thing here is that i love what you're wearing in the last picture. it seems so right.
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