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Thought I'd continue the Milan Vukmirovic love started by If Jane at Nearness of Distance here and here. I have had these pictures saved in computer for a while without realising it was the same person. Did I ever mention that I'm supposed to be observant and meticulous for a living?

ANYWAY. Mr Vukmirovic can really rock a cardigan. Also, when he's not showing us show how to belt a cardigan and looking very cool and hot all round, he's the creative director at Trussardi, a fashion photographer (Armani, Hugo Boss, Lacoste), co-owner of The Webster, and editor of L'Officiel Homme (which he helped launched in 2005).

To think I only knew of him as that designer who had a short stint at Jil Sander. My mistake.

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Pret a Porter P said…
and it doesn't hurt that he's quite handsome either. ;)
I tried to pull off something like the first look, but I wasn't so successful :/
Unknown said…
love the continuing of the love!!! seriously when a man can dress...everything seems possible...:)

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