complicated, uncomplicated

Beauty is complicated - often hard to articulate, sometimes impossible to properly explain in words at all. Yet even if the reasons behind why I find this picture beautiful are too hard to explain (or maybe I lack the discipline to try), the fact that I find it beautiful is unambiguous, and hence uncomplicated.

Photographer unknown, picture from the epitome of quiet


itztru said…
effortless, comfortable, not "styled", not contrived..and true to herself. beautiful pic.
yanqin said…
You said it well. I also love how she's (I assume it's a she) moving in the picture, seeing clothes in motion is one reason why I look forward to street style picts (I assume it's a street style pic), although we don't see them that often.
Victoria said…
What a lovely pic, sometimes you find yourself unexplicably drawn to something without quite knowing why.

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