a split in ranks

So after I declare I need to shop less, I shop.

Ignore the silly bow belt, and consider the dress:

- It hits slightly below my knees and billows out to give me the small waist and a swishy grace I certainly do not possess otherwise

- It has a feminine "Mad Men" air but it has also clean, almost athletic lines especially at the shoulder area

- It is solidly lined but not constricting

- It is 100% different from anything I own


- I tend to under-wear my dresses

- Isn't the colour...bandage-y? Camel/beige/whatever is not very me.

- Do I need another dress?

- Couldn't it have come in black also? Or navy? Or grey? Why....beige?

It would have been the perfect impulse purchase, but I didn't buy it. I love dresses when I try them in shops, but except for two of them, I hardly wear the rest.

I like how the desire, or at least intrigue in this dress, came out of nowhere - from my inspiration folders and notebooks, you'd think all I covet were boyish jackets, shirts, and trousers. I was taken by surprise by how much I did not want to take it off. I must be having one of those rare "I'd like to be a sophisticated career woman" days.

Picture from mango.com


The cut looks beautiful. Don't you feel relieved in some way that it didn't come in a better color?

Re: shopping. Whenever I want to go on a spree I can't find anything, and when I shouldn't be shopping I see so many things!
Victoria said…
Beautiful dress but agree re the colour - it seems to be everywhere this season though. I am always drawn to dresses but they really have no room in my day to day life, I also occasionally wish I was a high powered career woman so could wear them!
Ammu said…
What an interesting direction this would take you in - it's very Calvin Klein/Bottega Veneta! I like it. But you are wise to give it more thought.

I am coming to Singapore later this month - want to meet up?
If Jane said…
oh it is quite fab!
lin said…
Pret: I do, if only to spare my wallet. But also frustrated that it came so close to being perfect!

And I know that feeling of having things appear left right and centre just when you decide to go off shopping...

Victoria: Agree with the colour, and it's also one that I think does nothing for me.

Ammu: Sounds cool! Email me your dates at yanqin.lin@gmail.com

If Jane: quite, and not quite :)

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