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Photographer: Tommy Ton for
I have a deep affection for stripes, but hithero, I have rarely been adventurous about the type of stripe I like. Thanks to Joanna Hillman, senior market editor at Harper's Bazaar and the fleet of street style photographers available to capture these things, my eyes are opened to the potential of surfer stripes: sunny hues, tie-dye, that perfect beachy aura just begging for salt air and a tan. I think it's my current California girl fascination.
Here is the outfit in full. I think she wears it very well - perfect for the city, a touch of summer, sophisticated camel to mix it up, and the braid is a great touch. A side braid by the way, is the best hairstyle for scubadivers with long hair - stays perfectly in place and doesn't tangle with your mask strap etc etc. So there's a touch of the sea there.
Photographer: Stylesightings (I think it's Peter Miszuk?)
By the way, am I the only one who enjoys it when you chance upon the identity of a mysterious person - captured only in a 'detail shot' by Tommy Ton - on another streetstyle website shot in full? It's trivial but so satisfying.
Pictures from and stylesightings


If Jane said…
i love the t-shirt!
lin said…
i'm seriously missing the beach just looking at it.

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