what i learnt last week

1) The best way to keep skin sane during a week of endless sun, seawater, and repeated applications of SPF 70 sunblock and insect repellent (to keep off sandflies on the beach), is using a good face scrub every day and moisturising repeatedly. For once, my skin stayed normal on a dive trip.

2) I hate tanning. Sitting in the sun is so...hot.

3) Corals are dying. Please Malaysian government, do something!

4) My next dive trip HAS to be at the Red Sea.

5) It is possible to run into assholes even after you take two flights, a drive through the mountains, and a one-hour ride in a speedboat to get away from people.

6) I LOVE turtles.

I had trouble getting dressed this morning, and sorting out what I need to bring for work - I'm still using a travel wallet and I forgot breakfast. My computer is hurting my eyes. It took me longer to read the newspaper. I took longer to finish my work, and I can't seem to remember what I need to get done. I'm also a little disoriented by traffic sounds and crowds.

I know a life consisting of only diving isn't for me, but it's incredibly difficult to come back and snap back into my daily tasks


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