the boring expenditure

Sometimes you have to buy things that don't excite you. Caught in the rain today and my favourite flats clammy and possibly on the verge of disintegrating if I wore them any longer, I spent a frentic 15 minutes looking for a replacement.

I was mildly tempted by a pair of beautiful two-toned flats (very light gold linen with a black leather toe cap, leathered lined) but I didn't have time to make a considered expensive purchase, or even get a sales assistant to find me my size. So instead I grabbed these at Topshop because I had S$20 in gift certificates I could use to offset the S$59 price tag.
(I also considered flip flops, but that wouldn't thrill my boss.)
They are cute and basic and quite like the Repettos that so disappointed me, but at a fraction of the cost. At least the leather lining was genuine, so my feet could breathe, but they're not the height of comfortable. They didn't thrill me, but they will last me (my experience with Topshop shoes says one year of daily wear max).
Picture from topshop


Anonymous said…
hmmm, i've been finding sooooo much satisfaction in my most mundane objects lately. the purchase of a pair of black flats would probably put a smile on my face for at least a week.
Alex said…
they are a really nice shape...your comment about Repettos scares me...i have been thinking of buying a pair, did they disappoint?
yanqin said…
editor: maybe because these weren't quite perfect! but soggy feet cannot complain.

alex: the leather is nice and soft and moulds to your feet and keeps its shape, but the soles were the first to go, and they're slippery to begin with, pretty dangerous in the rain. also.

they aren't bad, but not worth the money in my opinion. i've had very flat flats like these before with better cushioning, with a lower price, that lasted longer. with my budget, probably best to skip it :)
Unknown said…
oh i need a new pair of ballet flats...the ones i purchased from the gap are already dying and maybe i had them 2 months?? tisk!
Anonymous said…
okay, when the item isn't ideal, then yes, i do understand. but definitely an ideal pair of black flats would be something to smile about. :)
repetto have always made a terrible impression on me. most the cost seems to go toward their reputation - the shoes themselves are definitely not worth the money.

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