"the voyageurs"

On impulse, I'm joining my friend on a short trip to Bali to give my flesh and soul some much needed rest. Woo hoo!

(**The above photo is NOT Bali, it's Pulau Dayang, a Malaysian island where I had one of my BEST beach vacations ever.)

Naturally, thoughts turned to packing, which led my to consider the colourful cheer typically proffered by magazines and shops when summer rolls round, like this one in May's Teen Vogue -

Very nice, but not really my kind of thing. Then pure chance led me to La Garconne, a site I try not to visit because my crap-ass salary doesn't really encourage that kind of spending -

"Spend the season immersed in the classics," advised the accompanying blurb. "Loose cardigans, relaxed linen pants, and softly pleated dresses tap into the distant, decadent era of the 1920s and stir a mood that is decidedly Gatsby-esque, sans the pretension and formality." Hmmm, I like.

The clothes are simple, nothing I haven't already seen before (I even own similar things), though I never tire of more, not when they're good.

"Think of these daywear essentials as a canvas for creativity; what matters is how you style them," the blurb went on. "The trousers with a rolled cuff. The boat-neck dress in knit stripes to inspire a Jean Seberg moment."

"Whether you are meandering along or seaside of some far flung locale, or pounding along an urban pavement, take a study of the classics, and tuck a Hemingway novel under one arm to thicken the plot."

I'm sold.

Picture from Teen Vogue taken from http://www.teenvogue.com/style/market/feature/2008/04/sunnydelight_20080414; Pictures from La Garconne taken from http://www.lagarconne.com/store/moodboard.htm


k said…
Great marketing on that site! YOu can see yourself there in those clothes at those sites in that era. And there's nothing better or brighter than Gatsby.
enc said…
I'm sold, too. All these visuals make me want to take a vacation. Have fun!
Anonymous said…
what gorgeous water.
i try to stay away from garconne. and now, of course, i'm going to go pay it a visit - your fault!

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