That's my favourite cardigan, one I wear over practically all my outfits in my chilly office. It's comfort clothing. I'm also wearing one of my rare bootcut jeans still in frequent rotation. I used to think they were pretty straight compared to most of the bootcut styles out there, but next to the skinny cuts I've bought ever since, they look pretty wide at the bottom to me.


enc said…
I really like that cardi on you. The jeans look familiar, are they Diesel?
Anonymous said…
funny how the eye can be trained to a shape. i like the patch pockets. such cozy, clean neutrals. a very mellow outfit.
fashionaddict said…
enc - yep the jeans are Diesel, in a cut called Hush I believe they discontinued. I love Diesel jeans when they keep it uncomplicated.

up and down town - I find that neutrals keep me sane on manic Mondays :)

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