one more time, with feeling!

Got dressed this morning, and reached for my camera for a snap, and remembered that I wore this exact outfit about two months ago.

I've never been the type who looked at a say, a shirt, and voila, a "Seven Ways To Wear This!" type montage flashes though my mind. Adventurous, for me, is when I DON'T wear something with jeans.

I am perfectly content to recycle beloved outfits; I even look forward to doing so, and I enjoy slipping on an outfit knowing that there's nothing to check and I will feel perfectly comfortable and confident all day. Unencumbered. Cheered. Energised.

From time, to time, I feel particularly inspired, and swop the jeans for maybe, a denim skirt. Or I tuck in the shirt. I might wear a dress with a different belt.

For every new favourite combination, I wear it four, five,
n times. Contented.

Here are a few looks I've recycled at least three times in the last six months. Reworn. Most of the times, down to the very same shoes.


enc said…
I like your "uniform" way of dressing. It's fascinating to me.

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