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I've always wanted a clean, mediative house, with cream walls, scarred wood floors, and plenty of black space for me to fill up shelves of books and the odd framed photo. Nothing too sleek - it will be cozy, with well-designed furniture. warmly lit. I still do. From time to time though, I do a complete turnaround and fall for something freewheeling, exuberant, fabulous, and still intensely livable. I'm talking about Julian Schnabel's Palazzo Chupi, located in Greenwich Village, New York.

Mr Schnabel has always struck me as a man who thoroughly enjoys life, so it makes sense that when he decides to make use of his roof space, he comes up with the "deliciously bonkers notion of putting up a palazzo on the dour block", reported Vanity Fair. Nothing half-assed about the man. You can read the article on the whole undertaking here; I prefer to focus on the visual part -

Photos by Robert Polodori for the March issue of Vanity Fair


editor said…
is that something, or is that something.
k said…
Loved this! Thanks for sharing.
enc said…
I'm pretty sure that's something, alright.

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