I last used a backpack when I took a trip to Bhutan this year. Fashionably speaking, I last used a backpack when I was 18, and a junior college student, where I used a basic JanSport canvas backpack to death. Okay, not exactly fashionable, but I liked it, and that counts for something. Refinery 29 has just reignited a love for backpacks I didn't know I had -

Alexander Wang, Acne Jeans, Bruxe

I particularly lust for the Alexander Wang one on the left. I think a little vintage trawling this weekend is in order...

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k said…
I LOVE backpacks and messenger bags...I can load them with books and journals and I am most happy that way. Thanks for sharing these beauties. :)
enc said…
These are nice ways to do utilitarian.

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