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Thinking about Berlin, my mind drifted (my mind is doing a lot of drifting tonight) to Munich, the city I discovered COS. When I step into a shop like COS, I feel reaffirmed, safe, assured that I won't confronted with the usual shopping irritations that nothing is right, everything is silly, and I am better off burning my money elsewhere, like in a bookstore. The spare simplicity of everything appeals to me - I don't feel perplexed, or troubled by thoughts of "Can I pull this off?"

I do wish we had COS in Singapore; I felt this particularly when shopping last week, confronted with racks of clothing I didn't even want to touch. I suppose the upside is that I save money, but I always wonder, why is buying something simple and not too expensive so bloody difficult? I've spent about two years looking for the perfect shift - something cotton, crisp, preferably black or white or grey, above the knee, not fitted, no unnecessary adornments. I haven't found it.

Images from COS's in-house magazine (very nicely produced), download at http://www.cosstores.com/ (agonisingly slow site)


enc said…
I like your headline, it's very clever.

And I can see why you like COS; it's perfect in so many ways.
fashionaddict said…
I torture myself and look through their site whenever I come home feeling bored by shopping.
clareassiral said…
lovely basics! never been to berlin, are they all stand alone stores? or can they be found in boutiques as well? :)

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