met with a blanc stare

I'm not nearly as intrigued by the second round of Gap's Design Editions, featuring collaborations with Phillip Lim, Michael Bastian, Threeasfour, Phillip Crangi, and Band of Outsiders, as I was the first time. Thakoon, Doo.ri and Rodarte's collections were far more interesting.

Threeasfour did a passably charming dress -

But I had hoped to see more.

Phillip Lim did quite a few shirts, but they were boring, save for this one -

Which might inspire me to pop down for a look at the shops, but then it might not.

I also liked this Phillip Crangi necklace -

But it leads me to my next point - US$78 to US$88 for the clothes and $35 t0 US$45, is it really worth the money? The quality better be impressive, since the clothes are not.

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enc said…
I like the look of a lot of these, but invariably, the Gap clothes don't fit my body, so I skip them. Maybe if I'm feeling reckless I'll go try some on.
k said…
I agree! The dress is the nicest piece to me of these pictured.
fashionaddict said…
I checked the collection when I passed a shop today, wasn't too keen on the dress because I think it will rumple easily.

I didn't see the jewellery, sadly.

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