bayside shakedown

Well, the Singapore Fashion Festival came and went while I buried up to my neck in work. I was keen on checking out the designs of Baylene, Nicholas, Woods and Woods, and other Singapore labels, so I tried Googling around. I didn't find much show images, but I did spend some time lingering over the Baylene website. I was not particularly blown away, since I prefer my tailoring on the uncomplicated and she seems to favour rather complex seams.

But there were one or two looks alluring enough for me to think that I need to pop down to the lovely boutique at Stamford House for a closer look.

I'd always thought dresses were her strong point, so hopefully I'd see more at the shop itself. See the rest of her lookbook here.

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enc said…
It's easy to see why you're attracted to this work. I love it! It's very beautifully structured.
Anonymous said…
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