I decided to do the organised thing and set aside my outfit for the day last night so that I can have a quick, efficient morning and get to work a little earlier to get a headstart on the day. So I put this on -

And after staring at it for about five minutes, I took it off, and changed into this -

Deciding what to wear in advance NEVER works out for me. I never quite feel like it come the day itself, and usually end up wearing something quite different. It could be the weather - it looks like another warm, humid, airless day, terrible for tights. It could be my mood - I just don't feel like a dress. It would have been less tedious if I didn't bother to try to be organised in the first place. I know better now.


enc said…
That plan never works for me, either. I always feel uncomfortable with whatever I choose in advance.

I applaud your attempt at being organized, and you look great in both, by the way.

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