that 70s' show

I generally don't like rehashing a look from a particular era, but these photos from the January issue of W magazine have made me go "hmmm, not bad". I've always liked elements of the 70s' (and also the 40s', because for me the 70s' style seems to have its roots in the look of the 40s') - the tie-neck blouses, the prints, the awkward colour combinations (burnt orange and brown!). I would give the flares a miss, or anything remotely Halston-y (I draw the line at late-70's disco), but I love the moody sweet vibe and the fact that the looks here have been streamlined somewhere to become more subtle. This is basically a tastefully rendered version of the 70s' look - the stuff you'd laugh about has been taken out. I wouldn't mind more of those graphic prints - like the Miu Miu patterned trousers - but I have to admit, this is a lot easier to pull off.

Photos by Claudia Knoepfel and Stefan Indlekofer and styling by Kate Mossman for W magazine, at


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