cover up

The other day I found myself in a huff because the laundry gods have struck and conspired to somehow get ALL my usual cardigans into the wash, leaving me suddenly lost as to what to bring along to work to shield me from the overenthusiastic, unadjustable air conditioning. So in the end I settled for a (dare I say it?) pashmina I bought in Nepal - the softest, lightest, warmest bit of wool I've ever had on my skin. Anyway, I thought of all this as I was looking through the pictures of Maurizio Galante's haute couture collection, and I have to say, this guy knows how to spin a proper cover up.

By the way, a shout-out to for bothering to put up photos of the couture collections designed by less starry names - I appreciate the chance to gawk at Boudicca, Martin Margiela and of course, Mr Galante, whose couture collections (I think he started showing couture in 2005?) I've become quite interested in - it's all very deceptive simple but rich in detail, and not all all overwhelming. And he made some truly hot sandals for the collection.

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