oh there it is...

I had no idea so many books I've read and love are currently languishing in Hollywood's developmental hell, until I read W magazine (Dave Eggers! Donna Tartt! Michael Chabon! Katherine Dunn! Jonathan Franzen!). Then again, I'm always a bit bleah and ambivalent when I read that a beloved book is about to be made into a movie - I'm filled with trepidation about "Atonement" because despite the fab reviews, I feel very eeek about Keira Knightley's so-called acting chops and Romola Garai didn't look all the promising as the utterly complex Briony. So maybe these books are the lucky ones. Catch up on "where are they now" here.

Photo from W magazine at http://www.wmagazine.com/celebrities/2008/02/alist_books


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