I am not a suit person (that is truly the mother of all understatements). I am talking about a jacket and a somewhat matching/coherent skirt/trouser/dress that leave no doubts that these are pieces designed to go together (though they can also happily be worn as separates).

But anyway, yes, the matchy-ness of a suits, it's inherent sense of formality, and the fact it's too bloody hot here to wear suits (I really don't know how the corporate types do it, I simply cannot) have stopped me from even trying on a suit ever. It's just not in my fashion vernacular.

That said, I have great respect for tailoring. I love sharpness. So I appreciate the beauty and functionality of suits. But appreciation is one thing - I've never felt tempted to wear one.

But but but (I recognise it's bad writing to contradict myself three times), I've been seeing images of suits that could seriously change me mind about what suiting up means. (Mind you, what's coming up next is just like, a blitz of images, not arranged in any order and chosen at random because they set off the right bells in my head.)

Givenchy Haute Couture, spring 2008
Kris Van Assche, spring RTW 2008
YSL Rive Gauche, spring RTW 2008
YSL Rive Gauche, spring RTW 2008
Armani Prive, spring 2008
Chanel Haute Couture, spring 2008
Calvin Klein, spring RTW 2008
Ann Demeulemeester, spring RTW 2008
Lanvin, spring RTW 2008
Stella McCartney, spring RTW 2008
Alexander McQueen, spring RTW 2008
Balenciaga, pre-fall RTW 2008
Balenciaga, pre-fall RTW 2008
Proenza Schouler, pre-fall RTW 2008
Vera Wang, pre-fall RTW 2008
Alexander Wang, spring RTW 2008

I think it will be interesting to incorporate a little more tailoring in my wardrobe of mostly un-tailored separates - less, cardigans, more jackets? cardigan jackets? Something to muse over for the day...

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