big friendly geraniums (or peonies or whatever)

So I went to Haji Lane and into the House of Japan, and found this when I was riffling through the tightly-packed racks -

I was charmed by the graphic quality of the florals, the fact that it had pockets, and that it was all of $10. I could see myself dipping a toe into big florals (I typically buy small delicate prints), taking a leaf from out of the Dries lookbook that so enthralled me. Never mind that the placement of one of the flowers seem to make my butt grow bigger; I bought it with the intention of shortening it and adding some loud happy cheer to a wardrobe where the brightest colour is a single mustard yellow knit tank.

So the above is my attempt to see what the dress looks like shortened. I think I overpinned it and it's a shorter look than I prefer, but I think I'll like the end result - it makes me smile and it'll be such a burst of sunshine when I wear it out on a rainy day.


angie said…
I love that dress!
Do all dresses at House of Japan cost the same?I ever asked about the ones hanging on the wall,and they were like $50 to $80!

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