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Photographer: Kevin Tachman

Lindsay K had a great post about being inspired by the collections at fashion week today, and it was perfect timing, because I had just seen the Giorgio Armani collection on Vogue.com and I was actually moved enough by the collection to want to write a post. It wasn't a collection where I wanted to wear every look - in fact there are only a few pieces I could actually see on myself - but the spirit of the collection, and overall sensory experience of looking at it, was inspiring.


I love it when Armani does his metallics and greys and I always associate a particular shade of oyster satin with him. This collection, inspired apparently by water, made full use of those effects - it shimmered and rippled. You could practically feel the smooth caress of the expertly draped and cut fabrics on your skin, like water skimming off your body. Like the 3.1 Phillip Lim collection I coo-ed over a few weeks back, there was a precision to the softness, and in this instance it was masterfully done - there was still a delicate flutter to the sharpest edges.


The softness of this jacket, amazing -


That trio of dresses that closed the show reminded me of an Armani look I loved so much when I was a teenager (the Olsen twins did something very similar in their spring 2012 collection for The Row) -


Getting dressed today, I only wanted soft fabrics that feel like liquid on skin. Inspired indeed.

Pictures from vogue.com and tfs

EDIT: Added link to Lindsay K's post. Left it out by mistake!


The detail on those jackets are astounding.
lin said…
Pret a Porter P: Especially on that coat with strips of material!
Anonymous said…
I would like to read the blog post that inspired this post. Could you let us know the link. These looks are pretty.
Joy said…
I can only imagine how wonderful each piece are in person!

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