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Photographer: Alasdair McLellan for The Gentlewoman

Olivia Williams was my favourite discovery of "An Education" - she's a wonderfully nuanced actress along the lines of Cate Blanchett. So The Gentlewoman has absolutely stolen my heart with their cover - when you think about all the obvious tabloid favourites that make magazine covers, stuff like this feels so...right. It's like righting a wrong. Or many wrongs.

You can get quite the exciting preview here on their website. I feel like the magazine is really hitting its stride, judging by the line-up and the editorials, and I can't wait to get my hands on this one.

Picture from style list via tfs


Joy said…
She's gorgeous! I couldn't really recognize her in An Education but I'll be sure to keep a good eye for her in her next films. I really want to get this! I hope it's sold in B&N? Where do you get it?
Milly said…
Just LOVE Olivia Williams. She also did a great role recently in Hanna (with Saoirse Ronan as an assasin - fab movie). Looking forward to this issue x

Saoirse Una Ronan
Ginta said…
Ditto! I really can't wait to get this issue!
yanqin said…
Joy: I always buy my magazines at Kinokuniya, which is a Japanese large chain. It has an amazing selection of magazines, including foreign language ones, and they always come in very promptly. Reasonably priced too, as imported magazines go.

Milly: I didn't know she was in "Hanna"! I did rather want to watch that for the cast alone, hopefully I'll catch it on cable TV or on DVD some time.

Ginta: I'm planning to make a special trip to the bookstore on Monday just to see if it's in - I think it sells rather quickly.
Fleurette said…
I adore her! I discovered her when watching Rushmore a couple of years back. I've been searching through my city for the newest issue but with no luck. It looks indeed really great, and it looks like there is more focus on style/fashion in this issue – which is what i've missed in the previous issues.
Anonymous said…
I was thinking that I need to find it on ebay.. do you know when Kinokuniya will be stocking them?:)
yanqin said…
Fleurette: I forgot it was her in Rushmore! Now I feel like watching it again. I hope my bookstore here brings it in as usual, haven't seen it in shops yet. I could get a copy and mail it to you, if you like. No idea what shipping is like from Singapore to Norway though.

justeileen: It wasn't in today, haha. But Fantastic Man (brother mag to Gentlewoman) is already in, so I guess it can't be long! I pop into kino a few times a week because I go for yoga in town, can drop you a note when I see it.

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