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Spring arriving at my friend's garden in New Zealand, Stella McCartney's horse and country hideaway, Artichoke Cafe and Bar

It has been a peaceful sort of Sunday, with lazy meals on a soft, cool day, quietly catching up with friends. It doesn't escape me that today marks a decade since 9/11. I remember I was in class when news of the attack broke. Since then, we've lived 10 years in its shadow, walking to the light, but feeling that faint, almost indelible chill nonetheless.

It's good to spend today feeling content, unburdened. Tomorrow is Mid-Autumn, time for mooncakes, tea, and family.


Pictures from vogue


A├»ssa said…
I'm just beginning my Sunday this side of earth. The rainy weather is a quiet reminder of Autumn coming and I've spent the first morning hours putting away some very connoted Summer clothes and bringing out knits and wool jackets.
I was reflecting on my blog on the difference a year makes, well a decade after September 11 seems so long and yet, I can still remember that queasy and grip(p)ing feeling in my belly when I first catched the news on tv.
At the time, I was doing an internship at an International Organization promoting worldwide peace and unity through aid and the general question among these International officials was why did this act of terror happen? It was quite terrifying to witness the bafflement of people supposedly in the know of the way of the world.
Joy said…
This is a very nice neutral outfit. The weather here in MA too is beautiful and glorious and betrays the horror of the anniversary. I don't really remember exactly what I had thought or what I was doing on 9/11–I was eight and in Hong Kong and this all happened in far off place called New York.
I can't believe it's already Mid-Autumn already! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
Garderoben said…
I remember exactly what I was doing on 9/11. In some ways it's still unreal when you see the pictures. The world is different.
Besides that, you look great, I'm so envious of that A.p.c shirt, just beautiful.
lin said…
Aissa: I guess we all learnt something from that day.

Joy: Thanks! And happy mid autumn to you too!

Garderoben: Yes, I will never look at some things the same way again.

And thanks :)
Mari said…
I LOVE this outfit on you. Someday I will develop a style like you have. I've been kicking back myself, too. Relaxing is underrated.

La Copine
Milly said…
Such a gorgeous outfit. I am actually planning a weekend of lazing about in advance!x
Lapin de Lune said…
How I love this blouse...this is actually the most perfect way in which I have seen it worn. Such a fresh look, and so suggestive of perfect weather! We seem to have actually crossed over into autumn here in the UK now. I was excited (as always with seasonal changes), initially, but I am actually going to miss wearing less thickly wadded layers, cotton blazers and shirtsleeves.

As for 9/11, I was standing in a British telephone box calling the friend who informed me. I was also eating a pie, and quickly lost my appetite. Dazed memories..
Anonymous said…
Love the simplicity of the outfit and the neutral tones. So comfortable and clean. I am curious to know what bag you carried too? :)
lin said…
Mari: Thank you!

Milly: Planning my weekend in advance is sometimes the only way I can get through.

Lapin de Lune: That's not true, you and several others who have this blouse all look perfectly fine to me. It's so versatile.

just eileen: Thanks! I carried a old Gucci bag that belonged to my mum - simple box purse with a flap front you can sling on one shoulder.
Heidi said…
I love that shirt you're wearing. May I ask where it's' from?

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