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Visual inspiration is important to me, and for the last few months, I've been finding the format of Tumblr very useful for a bit of a personal pick me up, style-wise. I like the way the archives display in a grid format - you immediately get a sense of what you gravitate towards. I noticed my blue shirt fetish right away, my preferred colour palette, and the absence of skirts and dresses. It's like a giant moodboard and it somehow keeps me on track, in reinforcing what I like, and I rarely feel tempted by styles I don't work for me anymore.

Like many photobloggers on Tumblr, crediting images is a problem. I have slipped once or twice, but I'm determined to not reblog anything that isn't credited or links to the actual source, and any posts I upload I always credit the person behind the image, and link to the source.

In any case, I find it to be a lovely tool for collating images of things I like, without picture-vomiting all over my blog.

Anyone Tumblr-ing? What do you think your Tumblr says about you? Share your links!


miss sophie said…
what a great interface! i tend to hoard inspiration images and i just might start tumblring too!
Felicia said…
I love my tumblr! It's a place for things that inspire me-- fashion, interior design, art. it's rather different from my actual blog which is more food/life related.
Cato said…
I quite like it too, but at same time got a little bored, frankly speaking, of all that girly rebloggings, or pics of kissing couples. But I still really like to see what other people want to add to their tumblr, just dont feel the need to follow any single update... but I very much like the clean style of your tumblr. Mine is a little different (in fact I have several ones). I like to mix reblogging of pictures which caught my eye with photos I took myself. therefore it#s less fashion and style oriented, but more "anything I want to share". recently I created a second one only for own pictures which is private (though there are no really private pix like friends, family) and I'm going to create one for pictures taken with cell phone apps. they're currently in my main tumblr but somehow dont integrate well. I just find it so handy to load pictures from my phone onto tumblr and then use them somewhere else, like in my blog.
And sometimes I wonder whether I want to create an only style tumblr as well, but I'm afraid its getting a little insane....

Very important point IMo is the copyright thing. most people obviously dont care at all. I felt so proud but a little pi**ed at the same time when I stumbled across one of my own pictures in another tumblr - without credit, of course...

btw. my "main" tumblr is
Adele said…
Good question about Tumblr... I actually just search images about how im feeling... ill type... happy or sad in google and see what pops up!

Siobhan said…
I keep meaning to investigate Tumblr, but also have little desire to add anything else to my time! The idea of being able to see an overview of the images is a good point though - it would be useful from a design poin of view to be able to pick up trends and colours at a glance.
Your tumblr looks lovely - less mindless reblog and more moodboard!
Stephanie said…
I started a tumblr to post photos that I didn't feel like blogging about on my main blog. It has mostly turned into interior inspiration now. I used to blog about interior design on my main blog but now I find it sufficient to just tumblr pictures I like (sourced of course) along with a few fashion ones and beauty-related images.

I'm not really addicted to tumblr like others are. I forget about it most days until I find an image I really like, then I remember!

I also moved the items I'm selling off my main blog to tumblr, just to not clutter anything up.

my tumblr:

sale tumblr:
Lapin de Lune said…
I love the idea of tumblr, but it never quite works out for me the way in which I should like it to. Perhaps I come at it from the wrong angle or something, not sure...but i tend to become overwhelmed, confused by it, as if there is actually too much of a good thing. Perhaps I am put off by the over concentration of images which are reflagged into infinity.

But I have recently discovered interest, which is an absolutely amazing site for collecting inspirational imagery. It feels much better set up than tumblr, to me, and I have been enjoying browsing through people's fashion sets so much. Definitely worth a look!

My own tumblr is somewhat random, containing the superfluous stuff that doesn't really make it to either of my personal blogs. I should probably revamped it at some point.
Lapin de Lune said…
I meant to say *reblogged* instead of reflagged, but auto spell decided against me;)
Quinn said…
I've been doing the same on Pinterest because I didn't want to use up any more memory on my laptop.
lin said…
miss sophie: exactly, I was looking at all the pictures and scans I collected over the years and I wanted to make sense of them.

felicia: Thanks for sharing! My tumblr is strictly style-related images, because otherwise it may too cluttered.

cato: There;s definitely a lot of the same images going around, and tumblrs created around the same aesthetic too, but since my primary reason for Tumblring is for myself, I don't really care, haha.

I would be slightly upset if I see pictures I took myself being reblogged unsource, mixed in with a sense of pride that people liked it, hah.

will check out your tumblr soon!

adele: that's really interesting, i'll have to try that some time.

Siobhan: I don't tumblr daily, so yeah, it hasn't become a crazy addiction.

Stephanie: I tend to forget too, I need to stumble across an image in the right frame of mind to post it.

Lapin de Lune: I agree, there's some weariness in seeing the same pictures over and over again, but sometimes it's a good picture so I can't help but reblog it too. I try to upload more pictures of my own.

Are you referring to pinterest? I did that for a while, but it was mainly interiors-related and I never took to the interface, for some reason. Tumblr is not that easy to use either, but so far I'm not too annoyed yet. I stopped using pinterest because mine was too organised so I'm trying to keep my tumblr very focussed. Basically, if I wouldn't wear the outfit or buy the outfit, I wouldn't post it.

quinn: unfortunately, i still have too much on my computer that needs to be organised...
Anonymous said…
I actually noticed once that the picture you took of your sykes shirt has more than 1000 notes on tumblr! not sure if it was sourced though. It annoys me when I want to post an image, but can't find the source
Anonymous said…
I love your tumblr!
I agree that the whole accreditation is both necessary and tedious.
Well done!
Ginta said…
I couldn't agree more - I perceive my tumblr as a stream of consciousness too! I agree it's interesting to look through your own posts and notice things about yourself you didn't know before - like I didn't know I'm obsessed with kitchens! Sometimes by just looking on what I have had posted I can guess what weather we had! :)

BTW, thanks to Google Image search it's so easy to find a source that's almost unforgivable not give one. It's just pure laziness!

My tumblr -
Refinnejam said…
I recently made a tumblr early this year. I'm kind of a perfectionist when it comes to my posts. I don't want to post anything that I feel doesn't wholly represent my aesthetic or point of view.

I've been putting up a whole combination of things that inspire me. From quirky ideas, incredible videos, style photographs, travel and nature photographs, and food.

Everytime I look over my tumblr it gives me a very sensory experience.
Chuck said…
I've been thinking about Tumblr for a while. Maybe I'll start a private one because it is the mood-board-ing (so not a word) and record of personal style/taste/interests that appeals to me. I'm not sure I really need another internet distraction though!
lin said…
refinnejam: I agree, I don't post anything that I'm not feeling strongly about at that moment. And i 100% understand what you mean about the sensory feeling - mine is mainly visual but my eyes just feels "soothed" looking at a spread that resonates with me.

chuck: i think of it as a moodboard as well so i leave it well alone for days, until something stirs me. so it's not taking too much of my time!
lin said…
oops, missed out:

anon: I did not know that it appeared on Tumblr at all! I don't mind people using my images, but not crediting bothers me. I've reblogged uncredited pictures on my Tumblr but it bothered me so much that I took down some of the pictures.

justeileen: I feel like if I respect the picture I should respect the person who created it by giving credit where due.
L.L. said…
My tumblr is the place I go to relax. It's steadily grown to about over 5000 posts...quite addicting

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