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I've been casually checking out some of the spring collections in New York, because it's always nice to look at clothes and styling ideas that make sense for tropical Singapore. Not a lot grabbed me, but I really liked the easy silhouettes of the 3.1 Phillip Lim collection - it was ethereal and graphic at the same time. The textures were soft but the edges were clean and sharp, and it made for a very subtle, appealing contrast. Don't think pastels are my cup of tea though.

I was very taken by the particular look above, and I love the clean elegance of the top and the deliberate way it stands away from the body, but gently so. Definitely something I'll be eying when it reaches stores next year.

Picture from vogue.com


Anonymous said…
That was a very nuanced and incisive critique, beautiful to read!
Amanda said…
My favorite thing about Phillip Lim is that his dresses/clothes always drape really beautifully, he seems to understand a woman's silhouette really well. Prices are not crazy either.
miss sophie said…
that is exactly what i want to wear right this moment in shanghai. sigh! i like how phillip lim designs with the idea of 'women dressing for themselves/other women' in mind, while still keeping the cut sensual and feminine.
lin said…
Anon: Thanks!

Amanda: I don't own any Philip Lim, haven't been moved to buy anything because sometimes it feels like the quality doesn't meet the price level, but the designs and the way they fit really appeal to me.

miss sophie: I agree, his designs really work for real life, even though they're not "basic".

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