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Garance Doré

It's only Thursday I know, but I felt like getting into the mood for the weekend early. My weekend uniform over the last few months have revolved around one thing - shorts. I have always worn them, but lately, I seem to wear nothing else. I love the sense of play you get with a pair of shorts - it speaks of relaxation, fun, motion, fresh air.

I'm particular about the length - too long and I look frumpy, too short and I don't even want to go there. And unless I mean to slob it out, I try to "dress it up" - often I tuck or half-tuck my tops, and always with closed-toe shoes or nice flat sandals. I always wear a belt. This is probably the only item of clothing I "dress up" in my closet. Not with heels though; it's not my style.

Some of my favourite inspiration for shorts "looks" -

1) Scott Schuman for The Sartorialist, 2), 3) & 4) Vanessa Jackman, 5) Garance Doré

I get by comfortably with a denim pair, a khaki linen pair, and for fun, a lace pair. Here's me, in some past outfits.


Pictures from the sartorialist, garance doré here and here, vanessa jackman here, here, and here


María said…
I looked for medium lenght short the whole summer and I couldn't find any! All I could see were short shorts.
Felicia said…
oo how inspirational! i love all these looks. and it's definitely warm enough here to keep wearing shorts for another few weeks or so!

I agree with Maria-- finding non-short-shorts is so difficult!
lin said…
Maria - Shorts can be surprisingly hard to short for, mine are old and I hope not to need a new pair for a long time. I always have a hard time finding ones that are not too tight at the thigh.

Felicia - I agree, I love how all the women wear shorts in a way that has nothing to do with the beach.
Siobhan said…
I love shorts, but I find them so hard to wear in summer because I'm always too cold to go barelegged! I much prefer shorts in autumn when I can wear them with black tights and boots - I have a beautiful wool navy pair from The Kooples that I'm looking forward to wearing now it's got colder - and I love the idea of wearing them with a slouchy black jumper. Your loose tops/shorts outfits look great!
miss sophie said…
looking good! loving your red and navy breton in the second pic! also envious of your tan :) i think leggier-looks with shorts always look that much more chic with a natural tan. i'm always a bit more self conscious of being so pale :P
Anonymous said…
Love both outfits! That's what I normally wear on weekends too. Somehow I love the look of a sweater over shorts and covered shoes.
lin said…
Siobhan - I guess we all live by our weather needs - tights are too hot for me here, haha. Your navy shorts sound beautiful.

miss sophie: Thanks! Personally I think pale legs look lovely in their own way - probably just a matter of picking the right colours? But a tan has the bonus of making one look fitter and sportier, hahaha.

justeileen: Thank you! I think it's such a great, practical uniform for our weather.
Lindsay K said…
You look lovely in your shorts. You wear them so well. I like that you're mixing it up with the navy and red breton shirt!

My favorite of the inspiration images is #5, it made me rethink denim shorts when I saw it. I'm still searching for my perfect pair, but I know I don't want them too short and that they need to be dressed up a bit.
lin said…
Lindsay K: Thanks! Yep I don't do short shorts either. I bought mine in Uniqlo and they have raw edges and are quite long so they can be rolled up or cut to your desired length.

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