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The week before last, I took a picture of every outfit I wore. I thought there was a post in there somewhere.








In differences probably imperceptible to everyone but me, I can trace the arc of my moods by how I dress. On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being sucky, 10 being brilliant.

Monday: 7
Mildly optimistic starting my week, hence the blush pink, with my crisp raw denim jeans, but I'm still lingering over the laziness of the weekend hence the bagginess of the top. That's my usual work bag - a messenger bag from Longchamp - for days where I have yoga; it fits lots of stuff.

Tuesday: 5
Already flagging (Tuesdays are the worst days for me) and I seek solace in a sweat shirt that's a little tatty but so soft, and a very comfortable pair of skinny jeans. I carry a Chanel bag because that's why I bought it right? To lift myself a step above slob. And so that the nice-ish bar my friend's picked for drinks lets me in.

Wednesday: 5 .5
Trying to rally. Put on a shirt to look smart, but the shirt didn't survive tucked in by the end of the day.

Thursday: 6
Fully in work mode, but I put on leopard print loafers because I refuse to give in to the grind without a fight. This actually cheers me up a bit, especially they amuse my colleagues.

Friday: 6.5
Not actually the end of the week because I was on duty this particular week on Saturday as well. Still, I pretend I'm part of Friday buzz in the air, and put on a dress for once.

Saturday: 5.5
The office is always cold on Saturdays because no one is around so I wear my plush terry cotton sweater with the cheerful striped trim to comfort me. It always reminds me of something I might have worn as a child, especially with the trainers. The desire to retreat into childhood is definitely related to the gloom of working on Saturdays.

Sunday: 8
Recycling day! I recycle my favourite striped shirt (you can't really tell it's striped in the pictures) from Wednesday for brunch. I then recycle the black dress from Friday, wearing them with my two-toned flats this time, for catching the ballet.


Anonymous said…
Not sure if this is being nosy, but I was curious about what work you do. I love your blog and read it all teh time but rarely comment. Helen
Anonymous said…
In most jobs I have done I couldn't wear jeans (apart from Fridays in some). I got away with black skinnies but that's all. Office environments have a tight dress code that make you feel like wearing a costume sometimes. Now I am looking for a job, hopefully I could dress the way you go, with a difference, I do wear skirts as well!! ; )
You look so good in lt blue shirts! Plus your suede boots, suede loafers, and "Sofia Coppola" black dress (I like the subtle detail at the collar) look great on you!
Anonymous said…
WOW! I love every one!!!! :-D :-D Very inspiring. Loving the shoes, wish it was warm enough here for outfits like that.
Anonymous said…
Funny I thought you look the best Wedn in that blue shirt but you rated yourself the lowest :-)
lin said…
Helen: I work in the media, pretty relaxed dress code, at my company at least :)

lunaday: I worked at a brokerage last year - although I didn't have to deal with clients much so my dress code was still relatively casual, it was a shock to me to adjust to a no-denim wardrobe. I relied a lot on some black trousers, a really good blazer, and a bunch of dresses. I think if I stayed on I would have needed to shop more but a job switch saved my bank account, haha.

Pret a Porter P: Thanks! And I love that you called it a Sofia Coppola dress, haha. That's the APC dress I bought on sale in January, it has a lot of subtle detail that the picture doesn't show.

Would love to see you post what you wear over a week :)

Susanna: Thanks! I'm the opposite and wish I could wear a jacket out from time to time, but warm weather is actually more convenient in its own unlayered way I suppose.

Anon: I'm perfectly happy with thr outfit, the rating is more about my mood actually, hah.
Anonymous said…
Thanks, I hope I wasn't being too nosy. I work in media/internet and am thankful that I have a relaxed dress code. It gives me the flexibility to dress up when I feel like it, but I'm not required to so on my "off" days when I'm just tired or stressed, or whatever, I can dress for comfort. Helen
i could live in some version of your 'wednesday' outfit all week, love it.

I own those same pair of jeans! Sadly they no longer fit, but they were my favorites at one point.
miss sophie said…
looking great - especially love your leopard flats and jeans! who makes them? i can't imagine wearing a suit to work everyday and the drycleaning bills :P
Anonymous said…
It's so cold today and that plush terry cotton sweater would be perfect!

I love Wednesday's look. It is so functional and reminds me of what Phoebe Philo would wear. I chose a similar colour scheme for work today but wore a black shirt instead.
Lapin de Lune said…
You possess a certain knack for elegant simplicity, and especially in the realms of colour...I love these subtle hues. I have also been eking a bag similar to that in the first image. The black dress is perfection, and i really like the apc sweater. Thanks for sharing these, such a fascinating progression.
Fleurette said…
Haha, this was a fun post! I wanna do a similar post someday.
Anyway, I have a soft spot for blue shirts so I loved your wednesday and sunday outfits tremendously!
wednesday and friday, my fave...
Garderoben said…
Such a fun post! I love your blue shirt+jeans look, also very SC!That's exactly the kind of shirt I wish I could wear, but it looks just wrong on me.
lin said…
Helen: No worries, I wish I were more comfortable being specific, haha.

Koko: Do you mean the Diesel ones with the oblong pockets? I love those, they do wonders for my hips haha.

miss sophie: The leopard loafers are Zara. The dark raw jeans are from Diesel, the skinny ones are from H&M, and the faded ones with the oblong pockets are Diesel.

justeileen: Thanks! I wish there were more cool days for me to get more of my warmer clothing.

lapin de lune: Thanks! That bag is very very useful, and I like that's it's light but relatively strong. I think when you have to lug lots around, a messenger bag is so useful.

fleurette: You should! I should have tagged everyone reading this to do one.

the divinitus: thanks!

garderoben: Thanks! How come you feel those shirts look wrong on you...?
Lindsay K said…
This is a great idea. It's interesting to see how mood effects what we put on. I adore your signature blue shirts and your dress.
Garderoben said…
I don't know! Maybe I haven't found the right one.
Sometimes i am super lazy that i even consider just wearing my bag and nothing else on my way to school. ^_^
Rebecca said…
Wednesday's look - I wear the same outfit frequently. It doesn't stay tucked in because you need a tighter shirt!
I love how you match those clothes.
aaah i wish we had a zara, in KS, the leopard loafers are too cute
Anonymous said…
Great outfits. Where is the blue shirt from?
lin said…
Anon 9.28: It's from APC, a men's shirt actually.

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